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Pier Paolo Strona
has had a passion for photography
since childhood.

The camera is for him
a way of capturing reality:
nature, landscapes,
environments, human activities.
His aim is to take pictures inspired by the aestethic ideals of beauty of shapes and colours, and as documentary, characterized in that they spontaneously communicate the feelings the author experienced at the moment. He tries to arouse an emotional implication and to enrich the knowledge of those interested.
Participating in this attitude becomes a way which leads to interiority, to the knowledge of ourselves, important for establishing and strengthening relationships with the others. Photography becomes a way of exploring, searching and communicating.
This approach to life is consistent with the spirit with which Pier Paolo Strona devotes himself to his other main activities: he graduated in civil engineering at the Politecnico di Torino and he works researching structural analysis with numerical models; he received a diploma in music, specializing in piano, at the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna and he often performs concerts and develops musicological studies with the same explorative attitude; fond of mountaineering and sailing, he finds through these activities a contact with nature, incentives and opportunities to take his pictures.

Relishing the occasion, searching for the viewpoint while forming an image in the mind, selecting the opportunity and conditions such as light comes almost naturally.
Everything else, equipment, film, printing, however important as they may be, become less strategic in the creative process, technical details. Consequently the choice of colour and slide, objectively closer to the image as it is thought and seen, as opposed to black and white and negative are consistent with this feeling.




Versione italiana
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