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Pier Paolo Strona carries out his music studies in Biella under the guide of the Maestro Guido Maffiotti, and gets his Piano Diploma at the Philarmonic Academy of Bologna.

In the following years he graduates in Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin and at the same time he starts an intense performing activity, through which he can intensify his music studies and develop his personal itinerary of music research.
His deep interest for music research leads him to explore all kinds of piano literature (for example music for 4 hands and music for 2 pianos) extending his interests to Chamber music and more recently to music for organ.

His repertoire ranges from Classical music to Ragtime, Gershwin, Spirituals, South American music, in particular the Venezualan waltzers which are an excellent evolution of the European Waltzer and music from the Near and the Far East.(Gurdjieff-De Hartmann).
The music, its beauty, the wish to communicate it and share it with the rest of the world are the foundations of his spirit and determination which inspire him and urge him towards new objectives and new studies.

This way to feel and live the music well matches with his spirit of exploration and research which are always present in his main activities, as engineer-researcher in the field of numerical models employed in the structural analysis and as art-photographer intent on creating new images inspired by the nature and the world surrounding him.
Over the last years he has made several concerts in Italy and abroad for several Cultural Associations, and Public Institutions, as solo pianist, solo organist, in duo with a Soprano, and in performances for music for 4 hands and 2 pianos.




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