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The Comet: a call for reality
Pier Paolo Strona, 21st July 1997

The human society is not the only society living on this Earth. In reality there are more societies made up by other living creatures, presenting the most various dimensions and characteristics, but sharing the fact of being somehow organized in relational and functional structures, where everybody has a determined role. As a consequence the wish to reflect on these societies different from the human one springs out spontaneously together with the curiosity to analize their behaviour and their relationship with the external world.

Let's think about the bees and the ants : we could try and imagine to go further the knowledge of the global behaviours of these societies, which operate according to precise rules and let our imagination wander about how a bee or an ant live their days, what is their life in a group like, and how is their relationship with the external world. It's a quite hazardous attempt, probably not possible to be carried out as we don't know the level of perception these animals have of themselves and of the surrounding reality. As a consequence only our imagination and our fantasy can help us to deal with these issues.

Thinking and fantasizing about these realities so different from ours, might allow us to come out from oureselves, leave our contingent world, in order to observe oureselves from outside and find out who we really are. This because we are so desperately anchored in this tiny grain that is the Earth, in rotation on itself , in motion with billions and billions of celestial bodies following unknown routes: actually this is our mostly perceivable and verifiable real condition.

Probably most of men in this world don't deeply live their reality of human beings, or at least they don't do it in a conscious way. This because everybody gets lost in their everyday's activities and problems, both the big ones which overwhelm some moments of our life and the repetitive little ones which end up, very often, occupying our mind and drain out our energies. Moreover, over the years, our 'habits' get stronger and stronger such as watching tv in the evening, football matches or trips on Sundays, fixed working hours defining our days, the shopping on Saturday morning and so on. Time passes by, and we soon forget about our condition of human beings living in this world; infact this reality is often neglected and not taken into consideration whenever we need to make important decisions about our future.

This loss of contact with the physical reality can affect in a negative way not only the priorities we decide to give to the things but also the values we create for oureselves which are expressed through our behaviours and which define our choices and our way to organize our lives. This condition weakens us little by little, makes us dependent on things and people, limits our freedom to live and act, leads us to look for ephimeral certainities and to build our own cage which we try to fill up with useless and unsatisfying comforts. Comforts we pay dearly as they demand a lot of efforts and endless stress, which are the cage of our self-limitation and the renunciation of our life.

Well! In spring 1997 a huge and wonderful comet appeared in the starry sky of half the world. The Hale-Bopp comet, named after the 2 astronomers who first spotted it in its motion towards the Earth. After its appearance many people's life has changed: no more evenings in front of television, but hours and hours dedicated to look for the comet, to observe it and talk about it with friends and take photographs of it. Cities in the darkness in order to see the comet without being forced to make trips to the hills, mountains, looking for some darkness, by now so rare where we live.

The presence of the comet, for days and nights, even though it was visible only at certain hours, hanged over most of the men: it was a strong presence, deeply felt by many people, a call for our most true reality, a call for the real world we belong to, a call for the consciousness of that energy which moves and creates everything, which is present in us as a tiny spark. This comet was a shake, we wish, off this heap of waste laying heavily on our lives!

For how many people? ....

How long? ....


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