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Though times

Saliling from Palermo to Genoa, via Ustica island, Villasimius, East coasts of Sardinia and Corsica.

Right at the North of Arbatax, in a very windy day, a wind coming from west, we sail up the coast, at the height of Cala Gonone, where the particular configuration of the valleys and the mountains stirs up the wind so that in that day the wind gets over 70 knots: the sea is all white, not only the crests but also the valleys of the waves. The drops of water, like showers, strike us like bullets. Although it's summer time the cold is intense, and after many hours of hard sailing we feel the violence the nature exerts on the boat and on us with a sort of anger.

Sailing from Cagliari to Finale Ligure,
sailing up the west coast of Sardinia and Corsica.

In the stretch of sea along the coast of Corsica, from Aiaccio towards Calvė, we sail all day long, with mistral around 50 knots; Expecially in the stretch of coast around Capo Rosso, the shoal creates big and spectacular waves. However our sensations are much more different from the ones experienced at Cala Gonone: here it's not cold, the sky is as blue as the sea, the nature is strong but it's not raging as we felt it in the previous sailing. As a result we can enjoy the grandious view.
Breathtaking it was the gybe at the entrance of the harbour of Calvė.

Sailing from Corfù to Malta.

Sailed about 60 miles from Corfų towards Malta we come across a strong perturbation from South-West right against our prow: we are obliged to turn on the beam and after a sailing night lighted up by lightinings and soaked by the seawater and the storms we find a shelter in Itaca, the homeland Ulysses longed for. Restored and dry again, we leave again the day after with a strong wind coming from West: the weather changes continuosly even though it's always very windy and stormy, and the sea is very rough. We reach Malta after 3 days and 2 nights of uninterrupted sailing.

More shots during short but intense sailings, in winter time for example, at the Bocche di Bonifacio and in Liguria or in autumn on the Cotè d'Azur when the 'shower' is sure.

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