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Why photographing sailing?

In order to answer this question we need to wonder:
What's photography?

Giving an answer is not as difficult as it might seem.

The reasons for taking photographs can be many ones, even though all of them lead to two main aspects, often confused and sometimes both present in the mind of the photographer. The desire to remember, photographs talking about the photographer's intimate world, his family, or few friends, and the desire to communicate, to transmit some kind of message or information, to relate to other people.

Expecially in this second case, the photography can't be trivial but must be close to art as much as possible, as also a work of art springs out from the desire to express oneself, to communicate one's emotions and to stir new sensations in the other people.

The photography as much as the spoken language, the poetry, the music, the figurative art, the architecture, is another language for communication, a language to express oneself and relate to the rest of the world.

Personally I'm absolutely not interested in photos as memories, as I bring the memories with me and I don't feel any need to fix them in images; what urges me to take a photograph is the desire for carrying out something significative, beautiful and make the other people part of events, emotions experienced in very intense moments.

Sailing gives the possibility to find and live extraordinary and spectacular situations where the nature expresses itself in all its strength and violence .To experience these strong sensations it's not necessary to sail on big oceans as also the Mediterranean sea is subject to sudden changes of wind and, as a result, the sea can become rough all of a sudden.

Living these moments personally, it's a charming experience you wish to share with everybody; as a consequence this desire leads you to look for the most impressing shots, to fix the most intense moments, sometimes instants, where the light creates unique and oustanding atmospheres. All of this is done in the hope to give the people who are not with us some idea about the sensations and the emotions we experienced.

But sailing doesn't mean only "Tough time":there is also a "Soft time" that is time where it is possible to relax, lead a pleasant life on the boat,enjoy the enchanted seabed, have unforgettable divesand swims, while wonderful lights and colours surround us:also in these moments the photographer can express himself.

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