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Surreal Rome

All lights, shapes and colours forming the images offered in the gallery frame real views which can be watched and enjoyed by anyone strolling the streets of whatever town.
Although at first sight they may appear fictitious and obtained through complex techniques, these surreal and sometimes dream-like compositions - almost abstract plays of shapes and colours - are in fact simple images of reality captured through the lens of a camera, single shots taken while observing - maybe with a bit of irony - the urban landscape surrounding us. Looking at these images we may think that maybe reality can be more fanciful and unpredictable than any type of imagination.

These images therefore represents first of all an invitation to walk in whatever village looking for dream-like images like the ones contained in it, thus developing the habit of observing the reality around us with different eyes, more curious and ready to notice those patterns of lights, shapes and colours which are around us, although maybe just for a short moment, and which - like all beautiful and uncommon things - can open a small space for aesthetic fulfilment and constructive reflection within us, allowing us to leave the day-to-day routine behind, if for a short while.

If Photography can be considered a form of art and photographers can therefore be artists, in the case of the images of this book anyone looking at them will be able to take part in the creative process entailed in all forms of art. Because of the character and visionary nature of the images offered here, those who look at them can do so through their own interpretation, whatever they will want to give to them, and will be able to grasp aspects and situations that are present in them but that the photographer himself may have not noticed while he was taking the pictures.

We can draw a comparison with Music: A composer writes a piece of music following his gift and developing some idea of his, but then - once it is on paper - that very piece of music can be interpreted in countless ways by the different performers and in the following historical periods. Now, some of these interpretations the composer had not thought and could have not thought of, but were nonetheless present - hidden - in the sheet he had written, they were potentially there right from the beginning. J.S. Bach could have hardly imagined, for instance, all the improvisations several famous jazz players would have performed centuries later on the basis of his sheets.
In the same way these photographs can be interpreted in many different ways, because they are not aimed at being as-accurate-as-possible copies of what we all normally and absent-mindedly consider reality, but rather at grasping and representing the fantastic yet true aspect of reality, which we much too often forget to see.

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